Properties of Avocado What does it give to your body?

The consumption of this fruit is in peak around the world, since it has become a primordial element of the vegan diets. The nutrients offered by the avocado or avocado, as it is known in many latitudes, turn out to be very beneficial to stimulate the correct functioning of the human organism. If you do not believe it, check everything we tell you about the properties that avocados give to your body. Run and buy an avocado!

Avocado Nutrients

Avocado Nutrients

It contains many nutrients: One of the main properties that the avocado gives to your body are all the nutrients that benefit the different areas of the body. Among them, we can count 25% of vitamin K, which helps improve the state of tissues and muscles, 20% of fatty acids per avocado, a nutrient that helps to take care of cardiovascular health, and minerals such as copper, iron, and zinc, in addition to almost all vitamins.

It contains a lot of potassium: Another of the fabulous properties that the avocado gives to your organism consists of the tremendous amounts of potassium it has, even higher than those of the banana. We make special mention of this nutrient represents up to 10% of the composition of the same, also, it also provides a lot of energy.

It contains a lot of fiber: Finally, another of the main contributions of this fruit to the organism has to do with that it is an almost inexhaustible source of fiber, which helps a lot to the optimal development of the metabolism. Thanks to this particularity since it offers a lot of energy, avocado is the main ingredient in the diet of many high-performance athletes, who have many alternatives to include it in their daily diets. Speaking of fiber, it is worth noting that it protects the body and endows it with essential nutrients that help it regenerate.

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Benefits that nuts give to health

One of the most complete food groups is made up of nuts, since you can find almost all the nutrients that the body needs in its immense variety. A fundamental part of the popularity of these is that they are versatile and simple to combine with other components equally healthy and delicious, like yogurt. Find out more here about the benefits that nuts give to health.



You must consume many because …

Reduce the risk of heart attacks: This is one of the main benefits that nuts give to health. The main contribution made by these foods in the cardiovascular system is due to the high content of fatty acids. This help stimulate the production of good cholesterol and, likewise, efficiently eliminate the levels of bad cholesterol and saturated fats that stick to the walls of the arteries.

They have high fiber content: Another of the many benefits that nuts give to health has to do with the high fiber benefit. Almonds, for example, have almost 4 grams of fiber in each of them, so a handful is ideal for proper bowel function. On the other hand, this nutrient also contributes a lot to the joints and musculature of the body.

They help to lose weight: This benefit can be a direct result of the two previous ones, since the deposits of bad fats are eliminated thanks to the fatty acids, like the omega-3. Also, fiber helps keep the intestine in good working order, which is ideal for weight loss. In addition, these are ideal foods to combat the anxiety caused by diets and serve as perfect snacks between meals.

Foods to lose weight

Some of these foods are very close and very helpful to lose those extra kilos, in addition, they are usually quite cheap. These foods to lose weight have very few carbohydrates and incorporate the advantage of being satiating, which causes the appetite to decrease and burn more calories than ingested. Next we will highlight the properties of some foods and why they should be incorporated into the daily diet.

Foods to Eliminate Weight
Whole Yogurt
One of the best foods to lose weight is low-fat yogurt. Besides being delicious, it allows you to lose double the weight if you eat three servings a day. The calcium in yogurt is combined with other bioactive compounds in dairy products, which slows down the process of fat accumulation and, at the same time, promotes its combustion. In addition, it has the advantage of burning abdominal fat, one of the most difficult to eliminate.

For its part, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and there is nothing better than including oatmeal in it. People who eat a full breakfast and include oats usually have a lower body mass index than those who omit it, in addition, that food is classified as the most satisfying breakfast. Oatmeal not only helps you stay satisfied longer, it is also full of fiber and is a great source of protein.

Another favorite weight loss food is soup. Drinking a broth every day can almost double the amount of weight lost in six months. It is important to remember that when a food incorporates water, this water is more satiating than drinking a glass of water separately. In this sense, the water in the soup adds volume to a meal and helps you feel fuller without additional calories.

Red fruits
Low in sugar and rich in antioxidants

High in protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Stabilize blood sugar levels

Contains 11 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber per half cup.

Helps accelerate metabolism and reduce anxiety

5 grams of fiber. Contains pectin, which is a component that burns natural fat

One slice of avocado contains 15 grams of fiber and monounsaturated fats.