What is the best makeup for acne?

Acne can be a problem for some people. But hey! It is not such a scary one at all that you will have sleepless nights over it. It is best not to have any makeup at all. The healthiest way in my opinion is to have nothing on your skin. Allow your skin to breathe as it will glow on its own. Of course, if you have acne, you will have to do something about it. Makeup can be good to cover blemishes and acne spot. In fact, there are plenty of ways that can help you to get rid of the acne marks easily. Let us learn about the best makeup for acne.

Mineral makeup can be a good choice

I have always found that mineral makeup is very effective for acne prone skin. Do not use any liquid foundation as they are not good for the skin and may harm it. The reason why mineral makeup is better than any other makeup is because:

  • it is light on the skin
  • and does not clog the pores that cause acne.

This way your acne will not get worse. I tried it and it worked like magic for me. It can clear your skin within days and you can still wear the mineral makeup everyday if you want. It is the best makeup for acne. This makeup will not hurt your skin in anyway. But make sure you wash it off before you go to sleep.

Spend money on a good quality makeup brand

When you go shopping for mineral makeup kit make sure you buy one that has good quality. Brands that are expensive have a reason for it. People buy them because:

  • They have better quality.
  • Mineral makeup lasts for a long time
  • and they are not too expensive.

There are several brands available in the market. Buy the best makeup for acne that is within your budget.

Research will help

If you do not know about the best makeup brands, you can either:

  • You can check with your friends to get an idea. They can recommend something good for your skin.
  • Or better still, you can do some research on the Internet. You can search on Google yourself and find out the best brands in the market.

You can even check the price and buy something that is affordable and not too expensive. Find out which is the best makeup for acne.

Buy a color that matches your skin. Get professional advice

If you are unable to make up your mind as to which makeup to buy, you can always take professional advice.

  • It will be worth it as an expert will be able to give you the best advice.
  • Try and get something that will match the color of your skin and hide the acne spots. If the shade is darker or lighter, it will not give you the right makeup effect.

You can do a bit of makeup at home too

If you have acne you can do a bit of makeup while at home to cover up the spots. You can look into the mirror and smile to yourself.

  • Acne spots do not look good and if you do a slight make up while at home, it can do the trick for you. This can be the best makeup for acne.

Do not use excess makeup

You need to remember that excess makeup does not help at all. Try to have the natural look as it is the best.

  • It looks too obvious when you put on too much of makeup. This way you will clog the skin pores and harm your skin. The acne problem too will aggravate. So it is best to have a light makeup that will make your skin glow and look beautiful.

You have the tips for best makeup for acneYou can try these and clear your acne spots easily.




Does Honey Help Acne? | Treating Acne With Manuka Honey

What is Manuka Honey Acne?

Amidst nature we find cures to numerous physical ailments. Since centuries, man has sought nature’s help for subsistence and even in this age of modernity we find ourselves indebted to nature in many ways. Manuka flowers, typical to New Zealand, are the rich preserve of honey, being made by the bees which feed on them. The honey derived from it is believed to be antibacterial and anti-fungal including several other properties, which help in treating skin problems. Acne is a common skin ailment which occurs due to many reasons, including clogged pores and bacterial infection. It is believed that the goodness of Manuka honey has the power to eradicate this menace to a great extent.

What are the components found in Manuka Honey?

This honey has huge proportions of antibacterial component known as Methylgylyoxal (MG). It is derived from dihydroxyacetone, which is heavily found in the nectar from the Manuka flowers. It is evident that higher levels of MG indicate greater antibiotic benefits from the honey. It graces the honey with healing power which is believed to heal wounds.

Producers of honey have devised a scale which validates pure manuka honey. UMF or Unique Manuka Factor is essentially the measure or mark of purity which if seen before buying, may guarantee purity. This mark basically signifies the levels of MG, which is known to be therapeutic. To judge the therapeutic aspect of the honey, UMF rating can be considered. Only those having a rating of 10 or above UMF are considered to be true manuka honey.

Let us skim through Manuka honey benefits

Manuka honey can be an excellent cure for skin troubles as it gently treats the skin without causing damage to the tissues. Some of the general benefits of manuka honey can be listed as:

  • Its unique bacteria killing property makes it so viable. It works on varied bacterial growth and effectively eradicates it out of the skin.
  • It can create a protective layer on skin which keeps skin supple. By gently moisturizing and protecting the skin, it can address much of the pigmentation issues.
  • It has certain properties that do not irritate the skin. Hence it can be used to reduce inflammations and also gladly used on sensitive skin.
  • It is beneficial in keeping impurities out of skin pores, keeping it squeaky clean to prevent breakouts.
  • Apart from external use, it is also considered to be useful for treating intestinal problems.
  • Studies are on to find its efficacy in alleviating gastrointestinal problems.

How Does honey help acne?

As we have deciphered, manuka honey’s embalming effect on skin soothes it and its antibacterial effects help in killing bacteria residing in the clogged pores. Bacterial attack in the skin-pores leads to fatal skin eruptions called acne which become tender and painful. Let us know how this honey helps in treating it:

  • It has a low ph value, which makes it effective as a antibacterial agent.
  • The osmotic effect of honey is responsible for eliminating bacteria.
  • It is composed of plenty of hydrogen peroxide, which eases bacterial attack and lessens inflammation caused by acne.
  • There is a belief that bacteria might tend to get stringer with application of manuka honey as it lives on sugar. But it has to be remembered that manuka has certain levels of acidity which makes it anti-bacterial instead of sugary concoction.
  • Most importantly, it has been proven that this honey can eliminate any kind of bacteria and inhibit their growth.
  • The honey penetrates into the skin and actively eliminates bacteria and heals infection.
  • Since manuka honey has a hydrating factor, it doesn’t let scars develop and keeps skin beautiful.

Get Rid of Sweat pimples

Usage of Manuka Honey For Acne

Manuka honey- nature’s gift for beautiful skin can be applied as a mask and cleanser. Some of its external usages have been mentioned here:

Honey mask for acne
One of the primary usages of manuka honey for acne is using to as a facial mask. Honey mask for acne is very effective to remove impurities and tenderness due to acne. You can make a mix of manuka honey along with jojoba oil and apply as a facial mask for half an hour. Remove it to discover clean radiant face. Gradually this mask helps in clearing the pores and making it even.

Honey as Face Cleanser
Honey is an excellent skin cleanser and Manuka honey is the best amongst all of them. To apply honey as a facial cleanser, you need to follow these steps:

  • This honey is thick, so make sure you have your hair combed and tied at the back to avoid sticking.
  • Splash warm water on your face to open the pores, after removing your makeup.
  • Take the required amount of honey and smear on your face gently in a circular motion.
  • Gently massage it evenly with your finger tips and keep it on for 5 minutes.
  • After that, again take warm water and wash the honey off your face.
  • Now use normal cold water to wash your face. This will close the open pores of the skin.
  • Done regularly, it will clean dirt off your facial skin and keep it healthy.

Honey as a scar remover

It is already known how therapeutic manuka honey is for alleviating skin problems. Well, the ugly marks left by the acne can be very hard to deal with. Honey can be used for treating those marks to some extent but it will probably take some time to show positive effects.

Best remedy for acne scars is to prevent scarring in the first place. If you do not tamper with the acne and keep your hands off it, ugly marks can be avoided to a great extent. Apply this honey in the beginning to remove infection so that it doesn’t lead to scars. For the blemishes already present, you can apply the honey for a certain period and check whether it is really working. Some positive effects are surely to be seen if applied with consistency.

Choose the best Manuka Honey

Among piles of honey being sold in the market, how can you identify the best for your skin? In order to obtain optimum results, you must be able to identify genuine manuka honey with the highest content of UMF (described earlier). As suggested by the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association, only those certified by them can be called genuine. By identifying their trademark honey you can be assured of buying the right product. These are priced higher than ordinary honey, but when it is
about genuine product, price can never be an issue. Make sure to check out the official logo of UMF before buying the product.

Natural ingredients have no possible side effects in most of the cases unless their path is crossed by certain medications or substance in human body. Before ingesting Manuka honey, it is best to take proper guidance from a medical practitioner. Apart from that, It is excellent when used externally as evident from the discussion above. Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make it highly suitable for addressing acne. However, one should not ignore the underlying causes of manuka honey acne and treat it accordingly.

Commuting and Your Health: Shocking Health Results For People Who Commute

Commuting and your health may not be something you are thinking of on a daily basis, but it sounds like commuting is taking a toll on your health. This includes both people who travel in cars to get to their destination and people who take public transportation. In other words, people who have to travel to get to their office and homes are more likely to have health issues than people who just have a short walk or bike ride to work.

According to a new report, there is a connection between commuting and your health and the results of regular commuting may surprise you. For example, it has been proving that your anxiety increases if you are commuting to and from work. People who commute more than half an hour to work are experiencing more stress and anxiety than people who have shorter or no commutes at all. Of course, you can move to shorten your commute, but that could just add more stress.

In addition, people who have those longer commutes are also experiencing a decrease in happiness and life satisfaction. Perhaps that has something to do with those crammed subway cars or perhaps traffic on the freeway. It sounds like people are not pleased to be riding in busses with other people who are stressed out, or not showing friendly behavior.

People who are sitting on busses or in traffic are not getting the exercise they want, meaning they are getting exhausted doing nothing because they are stressing out. The study found that people with longer commutes also had lower levels of cardiovascular fitness and physical activity. And this exercise is critical for heart health and maintaining a healthy weight.

And with no exercise comes more stress and worse eating, meaning many things are affected by commuting to work. Are you surprised by these results?

Symptoms And Treatments Of Eye Allergies

Even though mostly harmless, eye allergies can be highly irritating. This explains why these allergies are among the most common reason for paying a visit to the ophthalmologist, or in some cases, even the emergency room. Around 40% of the American population is affected with eye allergies, with the condition being more pronounced in the allergy season. A rare form of eye allergies known as keratoconjunctivitis may result in visual problems, caused by scarring of the cornea.

The major causes of eye allergies include-

  • Allergic conditions like hay fever, dermatitis, and asthma
  • Certain medications and cosmetics (makeup, perfume etc.)
  • Environmental irritants (grass, pollen, dust mites, feathers, fur etc.)
  • Underlying eye disorders
  • Use of contact lenses
  • Food allergies (soy, egg, wheat, fish, peanuts etc.)


  • Red or bloodshot appearance caused by inflammation of the conjunctiva
  • In chronic cases the redness might be accompanied with eyelid swelling and a watery discharge
  • Itching/ burning sensation
  • In some forms of allergy, there might be a thick discharge from the eyes, accompanied with crusting/ scales
  • Permanent scarring and visual changes caused by chronic rubbing/ scratching
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Blurred vision
  • Drooping sensation in eyelids
  • Other symptoms of allergy like a running nose and sneezing
  • Symptoms usually appear in both eyes, even though in some patients one eye might be more affected than the other.


  • OTC products can be efficient in treating eye allergies at home
  • In some cases, simply flushing the eyes with water can offer relief
  • Artificial tears are effective in diluting allergens and preventing them from sticking to the eye surface
  • Antihistamine eye drops can suppress irritation and itching
  • Decongestants shrink the blood vessels, hence reducing redness
  • Mast-cell stabilizers relieve both itching and redness and have a quicker onset of action
  • In case of severe symptoms that do not respond to other eye treatments, steroidal anti-inflammatory eye drops can be administered.
  • Topical NSAIDs (Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) are used to suppress swelling and itching
  • Cold compresses and refrigerated eye drops offer immediate relief from eye allergy symptoms
  • In case of allergies caused by environmental factors, patients should make an effort to keep the triggers away, such as minimizing carpeting, regular cleaning, keeping doors and windows closed, etc.


How to prevent thrombosis

How to prevent thrombosis

To know how to prevent thrombosis , we must first understand what thrombosis is , its types and symptoms. Based on them it will be determined what can be the ways to prevent thrombosis . It can be said that Thrombosis is when a blood clot forms inside a blood vessel, which obstructs the flow of blood. The moment a blood vessel is damaged, the body itself uses platelets ( thrombocytes ) and fibrin, which will form a blood clot and prevent blood loss.. Even if the blood vessel is not injured, blood clots can form if certain situations occur. A clot or some part of a clot that breaks off and travels inside the body is known as an embolus.

The Thrombosis can originate in the veins ( vein thrombosis ) or in the arteries . In the case of venous thrombosis causes a congestion of the affected part of the body. In contrast, arterial thrombosis (and rarely severe venous thrombosis ) causes a deficiency in the blood supply and damages the tissue that is supplied by that artery ( ischemia and necrosis ). An arterial or venous thrombus can detach a plungerwhich can travel through the circulatory system and cause an embolism. This type of embolism is known as embolism thrombus. One of the severe complications is when a venous embolism thrombus (VTE) can lodge in the lung causing a pulmonary embolism . In the case of the arterial embolus, itcan travel lower in the affected blood vessel where it causes an embolism . It is convenient to know the different types there are to know how to prevent thrombosis .

Properties of Avocado What does it give to your body?

The consumption of this fruit is in peak around the world, since it has become a primordial element of the vegan diets. The nutrients offered by the avocado or avocado, as it is known in many latitudes, turn out to be very beneficial to stimulate the correct functioning of the human organism. If you do not believe it, check everything we tell you about the properties that avocados give to your body. Run and buy an avocado!

Avocado Nutrients

Avocado Nutrients

It contains many nutrients: One of the main properties that the avocado gives to your body are all the nutrients that benefit the different areas of the body. Among them, we can count 25% of vitamin K, which helps improve the state of tissues and muscles, 20% of fatty acids per avocado, a nutrient that helps to take care of cardiovascular health, and minerals such as copper, iron, and zinc, in addition to almost all vitamins.

It contains a lot of potassium: Another of the fabulous properties that the avocado gives to your organism consists of the tremendous amounts of potassium it has, even higher than those of the banana. We make special mention of this nutrient represents up to 10% of the composition of the same, also, it also provides a lot of energy.

It contains a lot of fiber: Finally, another of the main contributions of this fruit to the organism has to do with that it is an almost inexhaustible source of fiber, which helps a lot to the optimal development of the metabolism. Thanks to this particularity since it offers a lot of energy, avocado is the main ingredient in the diet of many high-performance athletes, who have many alternatives to include it in their daily diets. Speaking of fiber, it is worth noting that it protects the body and endows it with essential nutrients that help it regenerate.

Benefits of dried fruits Do you know them?

Benefits that nuts give to health

One of the most complete food groups is made up of nuts, since you can find almost all the nutrients that the body needs in its immense variety. A fundamental part of the popularity of these is that they are versatile and simple to combine with other components equally healthy and delicious, like yogurt. Find out more here about the benefits that nuts give to health.



You must consume many because …

Reduce the risk of heart attacks: This is one of the main benefits that nuts give to health. The main contribution made by these foods in the cardiovascular system is due to the high content of fatty acids. This help stimulate the production of good cholesterol and, likewise, efficiently eliminate the levels of bad cholesterol and saturated fats that stick to the walls of the arteries.

They have high fiber content: Another of the many benefits that nuts give to health has to do with the high fiber benefit. Almonds, for example, have almost 4 grams of fiber in each of them, so a handful is ideal for proper bowel function. On the other hand, this nutrient also contributes a lot to the joints and musculature of the body.

They help to lose weight: This benefit can be a direct result of the two previous ones, since the deposits of bad fats are eliminated thanks to the fatty acids, like the omega-3. Also, fiber helps keep the intestine in good working order, which is ideal for weight loss. In addition, these are ideal foods to combat the anxiety caused by diets and serve as perfect snacks between meals.

Foods to lose weight

Some of these foods are very close and very helpful to lose those extra kilos, in addition, they are usually quite cheap. These foods to lose weight have very few carbohydrates and incorporate the advantage of being satiating, which causes the appetite to decrease and burn more calories than ingested. Next we will highlight the properties of some foods and why they should be incorporated into the daily diet.

Foods to Eliminate Weight
Whole Yogurt
One of the best foods to lose weight is low-fat yogurt. Besides being delicious, it allows you to lose double the weight if you eat three servings a day. The calcium in yogurt is combined with other bioactive compounds in dairy products, which slows down the process of fat accumulation and, at the same time, promotes its combustion. In addition, it has the advantage of burning abdominal fat, one of the most difficult to eliminate.

For its part, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and there is nothing better than including oatmeal in it. People who eat a full breakfast and include oats usually have a lower body mass index than those who omit it, in addition, that food is classified as the most satisfying breakfast. Oatmeal not only helps you stay satisfied longer, it is also full of fiber and is a great source of protein.

Another favorite weight loss food is soup. Drinking a broth every day can almost double the amount of weight lost in six months. It is important to remember that when a food incorporates water, this water is more satiating than drinking a glass of water separately. In this sense, the water in the soup adds volume to a meal and helps you feel fuller without additional calories.

Red fruits
Low in sugar and rich in antioxidants

High in protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Stabilize blood sugar levels

Contains 11 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber per half cup.

Helps accelerate metabolism and reduce anxiety

5 grams of fiber. Contains pectin, which is a component that burns natural fat

One slice of avocado contains 15 grams of fiber and monounsaturated fats.